Google Trend and Competitor Analysis

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This week we were asked to do a Google trend and competitor analysis for the class. We spent time in class learning about how to do these two analysis methods. Since it was something that I have never done before I did find myself incredibly interested and excited to learn about them. I enjoyed taking out the time to be able to find various competitors in the market as well as finding current market trends so that I could figure out how to best approach my client consultation.

I am always up for learning new methods and techniques on how to better conduct my work in a more efficient water. I can’t wait to apply this technique to¬† my real profession when the time comes. I think that this would be a great way to conduct a thorough analysis for my client when observing and learning about them and their product. This will be a huge help in the future and will definitely be a skill that will set me apart from my colleagues. If you would like you can even attempt to do your own Google trend analysis here.

Source: ERP FM

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